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Source Code -> combox in html file
A Combox in VC is a box that you can both select and input.

There's no such a box in HTML, but we can realize it with HTML.
Using these codes you can do that.

<select NAME="TEMP" onchange="KK.innerText =this.options[this.selectedIndex].value">

<option value></option>

<option value="AAAAAA">AAAAAA</option>

<option value="BBBBBB">BBBBBB</option>

<option value="CCCCCC">CCCCCC</option>

<option value="DDDDDD">DDDDDD</option>

<option value="EEEEEE">EEEEEE</option>


<input TYPE="TEXT" NAME="TT" ID="KK">

When you select anyitem in the Select Box, the value is transfered to the Edit Box
user can also input in the Edit Box.

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