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Source Code: Display Chinese Characters in English Operation System.

Visit Display Buffer to display

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The display speed of this one is 4 times better than the last one!
It access display memory directly to show the pixels. That's why it's faster. But it's very easy to make DOS crashed. Try it, if you like.
#include < io.h>
#include < fcntl.h>
#include < stdio.h>
#include < dos.h>
#define CCLIB "c:\hzk16"

display(unsignedchar *hzmp, int x, int y, int color, int bkcolor)
 { charfar *p; 
 int i, j, k;
 p= (char far *)(0xa0000000+80*y+x/8); 
 for (i= 0; i < 16; i++) 
	for(j = 0; j < 2; j++)
	 { outport(0x3ce, 0x0205);	// kernel here
		outportb(0x3ce, 0x08); 
		outportb(0x3cf, hzmp[2*i+j]); 
		outportb(0x3ce, 0x08); 
		outportb(0x3cf, ~hzmp[2*i+j]); 
outport(0x3ce, 0x005);	//reset
outport(0x3ce, 0xff08); 

 union REGS r;
 int handle, mode;
 int i;
 int qh, wh, col, row;
 long offset;
 unsigned char *hz, hzm[32];
 handle=open(CCLIB, O_RDONLY|O_BINARY);
 r.h.ah=0x0f;int86(0x10, &r, &r);
 r.x.ax= 0x0012; 
 int86(0x10, &r, &r);
 for(i=0; i < 20; i++){
	while(*hz){ /*find theqh, wh*/
		 qh = *hz-0xa0;
		 wh = *(hz+1)-0xa0;
		 offset = (94l*(qh-1)+(wh-1))*32l;
		 lseek(handle, offset, SEEK_SET); 
		 read(handle, hzm, 32);/*display*/
		 display(hzm, col, row, 4, 3);
		 col += 16;
		 hz += 2; 
 r.h.al= mode;
 int86(0x10, &r, &r);
Here I made a software for Small CCML. It's faster than the first one too, because I made a small library, where data of 50 Chinese characters is saved. It's faster to visit a small file than the standard 300K bytes CCML.
Classic Method to display Chinese Characters Visit Display Buffer to display Chinese Characters (faster) Setup a little Chinese Characters Matrix Library

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